Sunshine Coast Curly Girls!

Hi there, fellow curly chick! We’d just like to say: we feel you, and we’re tired of it too. You know what we’re talking about! The deluge of retouched photos flooding your Insta feed. Those snapshots that compel you to curse your curls and question why they don’t have the same volume, texture, sheen and shine as “all the other girls’”.

So, how do you wrap your head –– pardon the pun –– around the unmitigated revolving door of curl-care propaganda floating through the ‘ether’. Fear no more! Sherie Willis of A Beautiful You Hair & Makeup Studio in Gympie, Queensland is here to help you navigate all the noise. Her chief piece of advice? Get in touch with a curl specialist ASAP.

“I am always delighted when there is someone new to their curl journey in my chair, and I am able to save them months of heartache and frustration in learning terminology, trial and error with ‘bits and pieces’ of the method, and generally muddling their way through,” Sherie explained.

First port of call is “getting to know your curls and what is possible for them”. This bespoke, personalised element of haircare is paramount; after all, everyone’s locks are different. Intrinsically, Sherie’s ‘curl creed’ is entrenched in a well-founded premise: that “education and science are key to understanding and then doing”.

Well, science educates us that products best-suited to ladies with coiled manes are those Curly Girl Method-approved; meaning sulfate and silicone free. Clever Curl’s line of potions –– various cleansers, conditioners, treatments, foams, creams and gels –– fit the bill. Sherie is a fan of the Clever Curl offering for its synergy: the treatments work together, in harmony, to hydrate and de-frizz naturally-textured hair and ultimately enhance curls.

Though she has an affinity for every item in the range, Sherie’s go-to pick would be the Curl Wonderfoam. A bona fide hero, the Wonderfoam meets the mandates of its name in that it is wonderfully versatile and facilitates moisture, definition and hold.

“I teach my guests to use it not only as a primer, but also during a refresh, which can be a great way of ensuring an extra day or two out of their curls if they are not quite ready for a full wash day,” Sherie said.

And while products are certainly key ingredients in the Curly Girl Method recipe, their purposes are also augmented by other forces, such as procedure and technique. For example, Sherie is a staunch proponent of ‘roping’ –– a mode of conditioner application that ensures ‘slip’ and thus promotes de-clumping and de-frizzing of hair sections. It is also important in hydrating the cortex (being the thickest layer) of the hair.

“All of my guests learn… how to push water into the cortex of the hair; because, let’s face it, that’s the entire point of the Curly Girl Method,” Sherie clarified.

Her wisdom and general tips and tricks are sage reminders that Curly Girl proponents must contend with an enormous volume of information in enlightening themselves as to what really works. Even the most discerning of curly hair researches could likely stand a little professional guidance!

For Curly Babes in the Gympie area, you can derive said guidance directly from Sherie. She will cut, cleanse, hydrate and style your curls to preserve their personality. Learn about tension, bounce and the practices most appropriate for your hair. Knowledge is power, and equipping yourself with this know-how will ensure you not only achieve your desired results, but that you learn how to provide your curls with the TLC they deserve from the comfort of your own home.

Book an appointment with Sherie at A Beautiful You Hair and Makeup Studio today! Visit or call 07 5481 2736 for more info.