Clever Curl was created by a group of Australian curl specialists inspired by the Curly Girl Method. The Clever Curl range is a highly specialised line of hair products carefully formulated to enhance and embrace naturally curly hair to hold the personality and individuality of curls.






Are you keen to learn about the Curly Girl Method?

“Curl knowledge and wisdom equals  curl love forever”

— Lorraine Massey

“I always wanted my hair curly and long for my wedding and so I did!!…all clever curl products used with help of a curly hairdresser!”

Sally, Instagram

Hair by: Naturally Vintage Hair, Scarborough, QLD

Salon Feature: Yeah The Curls

Calling All Sydney-Siders! Raise your hand if you’re confounded by curls! There’s botticelli, corkscrew and corkicell; also cherub, wavy and s’wavy; and don’t forget fractural, zigzag, tiny spirals, coils and twizzles. In a time when securing information often takes...

Salon Feature: Studio Hi Gorgeous

Ballarat Salon Making Big Waves! Too often, we’re constrained by the ‘must-dos’ and the ‘should nots’. We feel boxed in and obligated to follow the rules for fear of what might go wrong. Hair is but one area in which women are wary of making a misstep. When we’re...

Salon Feature: A Beautiful You Hair and Makeup Studio

Sunshine Coast Curly Girls! Hi there, fellow curly chick! We’d just like to say: we feel you, and we’re tired of it too. You know what we’re talking about! The deluge of retouched photos flooding your Insta feed. Those snapshots that compel you to curse your curls and...

Perth Curly Girls: Salon Feature

Time to Invest in those Textured Tresses!Perth Curly Girls - Interview with Aoki HairThe curly-hair movement – which is seeing women shirk chemical straightening and other treatments in lieu of learning to love their natural manes – is revolutionary! It’s galvanised...

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