Time to Invest in those Textured Tresses!

Perth Curly Girls – Interview with Aoki Hair

The curly-hair movement – which is seeing women shirk chemical straightening and other treatments in lieu of learning to love their natural manes – is revolutionary! It’s galvanised people and liberated them from the confines of ‘hairism’.     

Estimates suggest 65% of women have naturally wavy or curly locks. Yet, how many of us have desperately struggled (over the course of decades in some cases) to tame the frizz via paddle brushes and straighteners?

It’s about time society covets curls! But as much as curls are beguiling, they’re equal parts baffling for many. Now, we must empty our minds of convention. No sulfates, silicones or extra-hot blow-dries.

For Perth curly girls and curly chicks only just embarking on their journey, shedding what they’ve always known (in favour of an entirely new haircare routine) will likely be difficult!

Perth Curly Girls  woman with brown hair


Perth Curly Girls long hair after


Perth Curly Girls – Jenni Spence From Aoki Hair

With that in mind, Jenni Spence of Aoki Hair in Mt Pleasant, Western Australia is offering some insight: remain patient!

“Think outside the box,” she encouraged.

“There is so much advice and Curly Girls bombarding you to use an avalanche of products. Book in with your curl specialist and let them guide you as to what method to use on your hair.”

She’s not wrong. It seems the premise of Instagram’s curly culture is to market countless products and present overly-complicated haircare routines. A curl specialist, such as Jenni, will not only divulge tips and tricks but also keep you grounded by reminding you that “if something is not working… don’t do it”.

Perth Curly Girls  blonde hair before


Perth Curly Girls  brown and blond curls after


Perth Curly Girls – Hair Types and Products

An expert curl specialist may also educate you in hair classifications. Aoki Hair sees lots of type ‘3’ haired Curly Girls. ‘1’ signifies straight hair, ‘2’ wavy, and ‘4’ coiled.

In terms of products, Jenni is a huge fan of the Clever Curl products line, which consists of eight sulfate- and silicone-free goodies. The Clever Curl range includes Cleanser, Light and Rich conditioners, Wonderfoam, Treatment, Cream, and Humid and Dry Weather Clever Gels.

Enhance and embrace naturally curly hair with our highly specialised line of hair products, carefully formulated to embrace and enhance naturally curly hair.

“I love the Clever Curl Treatment… I use to hydrate [clients’] locks – but leave in,” she clarified.

Afterwards, Jenni applies Curl Cream, which facilitates long-lasting moisture and definition (but no hold), for “stunning, shiny coils”.

Perth Curly Girls long brown hair before


Perth Curly Girls short brown hair after


Perth Curly Girls – Importance of Techniqe

While the use of product is undeniably vital in the scheme of curl care, so too is technique. These techniques include ‘roping’, the ‘scrunch out the crunch’, ‘praying hands’ and ‘squish to condish’ – which does Jenni find herself engaging most frequently?

“Finger coiling is my favourite. It gives you the perfect ringlet,” she confirmed.

She delights in “using a Denman Brush to work the product into the hair, section by section” and watching it “spring” to life.

Aoki Hair is one of the curl-dedicated salons in Western Australia to have received training by Curly Girl Method ‘It Girl’ and pioneer, Lorraine Massey. The available services are extensive and include: cutting, colouring, styling, consultation and education around nourishing and maintaining your curls at home.

Perth Curly Girls short hair before


Perth Curly Girls woman with glasses after


Enhance and Embrace Naturally Hair

Perth Curly Girls – Book Aoki Hair 

Jenni is available – and eager – to answer your questions about refreshing, or the best way to arrange hair when sleeping at night, for example. (Her answer to the latter is that partners should take one for the team and bunker down in the spare room)!

For those in the Perth curly girls with textured tresses, pop Jenni onto your ‘Curly Girl Bucket List’. She is most definitely the Perth curly girl specialist for you and will work hard to open your eyes and mind to the joys of natural hair!

Get the Perth Curly Girls look with Aoki Hair today! Book here or call 08 9316 4888 for more info.

Perth Curly Girls girl with long hair and glasses


Perth Curly Girls girl with curly hair after